Crossfit Deadlifts Using Proper Form

Learn how to do crossfit deadlifts the proper way

The crossfit deadlift is one of the quickest ways to gain huge amounts of muscle mass. It works many muscles throughout the body including, arms, legs, core, and back. However, many people don’t use proper form while doing the deadlift. Not using proper form is extremely dangerous and causes many injuries, some of which can be fatal.

With that in mind, the following steps show how to properly do a dead lift using proper form:

  1. Place the width of your feet to align with your hips.
  2. Position the bar over the middle section of your foot.
  3. Use a wide grip with your hands placed outside of your hips.
  4. While pulling, your arms should stay straight throughout the lift movement.
  5. Make sure to maintain your chest as high as you can get it throughout the movement.
  6. Keep your back back tight and in a lumbar and thoracic extension.

Below is some information regarding pulling the bar as well as breathing. This information came from here.

After you get an awesome set up, you are ready for the pull:

Keep the bar close to your body as you pull. You should literally be dragging it up your legs (wear pants, or tall socks!).
Your torso angle should remain constant until the bar reaches your knees. This means that your shoulders and hips rise at the same rate until the bar is at your knees. If your hips come up first or your chest comes up first, you violate this rule.
The bar should travel in a perfectly vertical path perpendicular from the ground to the top of your pull.

And one last thing – breathing and tension:

On max effort pulls, it is important that your torso is rigid to support your spine. The best way to do this is to take a big breath (referred to as the valsalva maneuver) before the lift. Filling your lungs to capacity with air exerts pressure in your torso, which keeps your spine rigid and in alignment. So, take a big breath before you pull a heavy deadlift, and hold it until you return the bar to the ground.