Chestbrah: The Story Behind the Legend

Chestbrah's profile Chances are that if you enjoy bodybuilding, you have heard of Said Sergeyevich Shavershian, A.K.A Chestbrah. Through diet, exercise, and taking the right supplements, he has risen to become one of the best aesthetics bodybuilders of all time.


He lived in Russia until he was 6 years old and then moved to Australia. It was in Australia that he transformed his body from a quiet and shy skinny kid into one of the most recognizable and outspoken aesthetic bodybuilders in the world through hard work, exercise, and taking the right muscle builders.


Since his early years, Chestbrah has developed almost a cult-like following of admirers. Both he and his brother Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian also known as Zyzz, have become the poster children for a rising amateur bodybuilding scene in Sydney Australia.

Bottle of CreatineWith this scene comes its own culture and slang. Chestbrah uses social media to attract tens of thousands of fans who love “mirin” his muscles. Their slang include words like “mirin” which means admiring, “Brah” which means bro, “Jelly” which means jealous, and bicycle which refers to anabolic steroids.

Chestbrah and Zyzz

An example of their slang would be – “You mirin brah?” “Yeah brah, I’m jelly you got so ripped from riding that bicycle.” While the slang is pretty funny, if you look past the weird words, you see a couple of brothers who have learned how to get shredded.


Chestbrah’s body makes Greek God’s cry in envy. However, he wasn’t always big.


Chestbrah's profile

As a skinny kid Chestbrah decided that once he graduated high school he was going to start hitting gym and eating the right supplements to get big.


As he started to get massive gains, his brother Zyzz also decided to get in on the action.


Both Said Shavershian and his brother Zyzz quickly gained a following via social media by posting lots of photos of their pre workouts and gym routines, including sexy before and after photos and videos as well as helpful meal plans.


Getting ripped like the aesthetics crew is no easy task, but with the right workout and dedication to a strict diet, you can get the same results!


Chestbrah – A Member of the Aesthetics Crew

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