Black Female Bodybuilders

Notable Black Female Bodybuilders

Vickie Gates

Vickie Gates began her body building passion when she was attending Oklahoma State University.  The first success she tasted was in he first competition in Tulsa in 1983, which she won. This was not to be her only win during her amateur career. She fought and worked her way up and won her right for her professional card in 1993. She accomplished this by winning the middleweight class at the NPC Nationals.

Her success carried on into he professional level in which she won three consecutive Ms. International titles from 1999-2001. During those same years she finished 2nd place at the Ms. Olympia 3 times. She had a lengthy career which lasted until 2003. Vickie was rewarded for her success, dedication and hard work when she was inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame in 2010.


Yolanda Huges-Heying

Yolanda proved at a very young age that she had quite the competitive side. By her senior year in high school she had competed both at local and state level track achieving a variety of titles. She developed a keen sense of well being and determination by mastering gymnastics.


Her introduction into Bodybuilding came from a wrestler named Hillbillie Jim. He convinced her to give it a try and she immediately found success. With just a few weeks of training she competed and placed 2nd.  She achieved great status through local competition that it propelled her to the right to compete on a national level. Due to her work ethic and desire to be the best she was able to compete at the USA Nationals in which she placed 2nd. During her pro years Yolanda placed 1st in the Ms. International competition and was featured in Muscle and fitness, flex and many others.


Womens Body Building


Carla Dunlap

Carla was another young competitor, she began competing in gymnastics at the age of ten. She carried that competitive edge into swimming where she won a gold medal on the junior national team and a bronze medal at the inaugural national sports festival.

Dunlap had a very extensive and fruitful body building career that began in 1979 with the suggestion of Steve Wennerstrom. Having never trained before she still placed 5th among 45 competitors. Having caught the bodybuilding fever she went on to win the NPC Nationals in 1981 and 1982. In 1983 she one three pro shows including Ms. Olympia. Carla also is the only female to compete in the 1970s, 1980s and the 1990s. In 1999 she was inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame.

Laura Creavalle

Laura stumbled upon women’s body building when she was visiting Jamaica in 1982. What struck the fire in her was not the winner but the competitor that took third place, simply because she had a similar body shape. Six months later she entered the Novice Ontario Championship and won the lightweight title.

When she relocated to California she began to take her craft more serious and won the NPC USA Championships. In 1988 she earned her pro card by winning the heavyweight class at the IFBB world amateur championships in Puerto Rico. She would go on and compete in the Ms, Olympia contest 13 times. She was the runner up twice at the Ms. Olympia and won three Ms. International titles.

Other Notable Names
Yvetts Bova, Monique Jones, Iris Kyle, Nancy Lewis and Lenda Murray.

Black Women Body Builder

For those women who wish to advance in the world of body building we would highly recommend studying the greats that came before.