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A Motivational Video From Chestbrah

Chestbrah Changed His Life By Changing His Body Using Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, Chestbrah has grabbed the aesthetic bodybuilding community by storm with his impressive arm size, chiseled jawline, bulking calves, ripped abs, and his bad boy tattoos. However this lifestyle has come at a cost. Despite Zyzz’s great genetics, age, and overall fitness, Zyzz […]


Get Ripped Like Lazar Angelov

Aesthetics Crew Member Lazar Angelov VS. Ulisses Jr Lazar Angelov is a 28 year old aesthetics bodybuilder super star. At 5’11” and 200 lbs, this former basketball player became one of the most talked about bodybuilders in the world through his extreme workouts. Both Lazar and Chestbrah continue to prove their fitness by showing off […]


Chestbrah’s Fan Base

Chestbrah’s Huge Fan Following Chestbrah and his aesthetics crew are becoming astonishingly popular with the younger generation. The crew, including his brother (who recently passed away) Zyzz, don’t compete in official competitions but have built a huge following through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.