Bodybuilding For Starters

Bodybuilding For Starters



You’ve undoubtedly been probing the internet for weeks for information on bodybuilding, and as always everyone has something to say about it. But, where do you start? What plan is best for you? Which is better? How soon till I see results? It can all be very overwhelming and these questions most likely are the reasons why you haven’t started yet. Its ok! All these questions are great concerns, because body building isn’t just for looks. It’s for living a healthy lifestyle and just feeling good. Here are a few things to remember when you’re getting ready to plan out a better lifestyle:

  • Firstly, if you haven’t in a while get an annual checkup with your Dr. You need to know about any health issues you may have or could suffer from. Training recommendations. Learning how important Triglycerides, fasting glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure is to follow up on and see your hard works progress. Lastly dieting, what’s good for the body and what’s not.
  • Secondly, clean out all the junk! If you open your kitchen cupboards and all you see is sugar, sugar, and more sugar then, just get rid of it. This will only tempt you to make poor food choices while you’re trying to better yourself.
  • Lastly, Mental. Don’t put yourself down when you make a mistake or don’t reach a goal. Harmful dialogue about yourself is useless to you and your goals. Stay positive be thrilled about small or large victories even if you have to search for them. Stay attentive and know you will make it through.

Now that you’re mentally and healthily prepared the next step is to plan out your exercise. Don’t gear yourself up to work out like Dwayne Johnson or Sylvester Stallone, because you will quite your goal of being a body builder faster than you can say “Rocky”. Remember all the greats had to start somewhere too, same as you! Start off small and more towards your beginner level that you and your Dr would have set. A beginner’s session would look something like this, and you would Perform 2 sets of each exercise for 10-12 reps and rest 1 minute in between sets: (DB=dumbbells)


  • DB Squats
  • DB Bench Press
  • DB Squats
  • DB Pullovers
  • DB Lunges
  • DB Upright Rows
  • DB Curls
  • Leg Extension
  • Lying Leg Curls
  • Calf Raises
  • One Arm Rows
  • Bent Over Lateral Raises
  • Overhead Triceps Extensions




Deltoid workout

  • One of the best workouts would be the Machines Shoulder Press: You will want to make sure that you sit with you shoulders and back firmly against the backrest of the machine, this will help when lifting to not have your lower back compress. You will then adjust the arms so that the handles go as low as your shoulder line. Exhale as you push inhale as you bring back down. Sets 3 Reps 12.
  • Dumbell Rear Flys is another great workout: Using a bench lean forward until your torso is about parallel with the floor sitting on the edge is very useful. with the dumbbells keep your elbows facing outward and straighten your arms. You will fly your arms backward while squeezing your shoulders together simultaneously. SETS 3 REPS 10.
  • The  Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press: Make sure you take a seat on a 90-degree bench with the dumbbells to your side in line with your shoulders. Elbows should stay out to your sides, they must never move forward and remain under your wrists at all times. Sets 3 Reps 8

Shoulder Press

  • Inverted Row- To work the rear delts with the weight of your body the inverted row is the perfect workout. You will need a Smith Machine to best accomplish this. The machine has a barbell that slides up and down and can be locked into a variety of positions. You will want to lock the bar into position at about your waist height. Lay underneath the bar and place hand wide with the overhand grip. For a proper workout Keep a straight line from your heels to your shoulders, Pull up until your upper chest is close to the bar. Hold for a second and then slowly lower your self down until you have fully extended your arms and then repeat. It is essential to squeeze your shoulder blades together.

  • Barbell Rear Delt Raise- To work your posterior delts, biceps and upper trapezius the barbell rear delt is the workout for you. Prior to beginning place a barbell on a squat rack and stand with your back to it. Grasp the bar with an overhand shoulder width grip and lift. Keep your arms straight at your sides and have your palms facing backward. Lift the bar as high as possible by bending your elbows, hold for a second. Lower and repeat, while doing this keep the bar as close to your body as possible.


Amanda Doherty

Amanda Doherty

Amanda is not only a IFBB Pro but a mother of 4. Amanda is the ultimate motivator for mothers health everywhere.  She has began recently in 2014 making a comeback in competitions and has stressed the importance of staying consistent, eating healthy and working hard.  There is not a lot that Amanda Doherty does not do an IFBB Professional Figure competitor , a contest preparation specialist, a fitness ambassador around the globe and a woman who loves sharing her knowledge of training and nutrition.

Amanda Doherty Amanda Doherty Body Builder

Amanda Doherty Comeback

Amanda took a lengthy vacation from competing because her and her husband decided to build a family together. Staying true to her motto Amanda still kept her self in top physical shape during this time. Staying true to her motto “Eat Clean | Train Mean | Stay Lean” Amanda has come back after 8 years and has began to compete and show well.

Her first showing back pushed her to the limits at the 2012 IFBB Sheru Classic. She has gone on to compete in major competitions such as The IFBB Australian Pro Grand Prix XIII, IFBB Arnold Classic and the IFBB California Governors Cup Pro Figure.

One of the greatest achievements in her body building career would be Joining the IFBB as a Professional Figure Athlete at the age of 21. She truly is a great example of what it takes to compete at this level while still maintaining other hobbies and family duties.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Motivation Speech

Motivational Video Arnold Schwarzenegger

We all need a little help when it comes to pushing past our max in the weight room or in life. Work Hard Work Smart.

Best Pre Workout For Women

Best Pre Workout Supplement For Women


pre-workouts for women Before you can list the best pre-workout supplement for women, you first need to understand your goals. Depending on whether or not you want to increase muscle mass, or if you want to burn body fat, the type of pre-workout you should take will change considerably.

Essentially there are 3 types of pre-workout supplements that women can take:

  1. Pre-Workouts to increase your Pump
  2. Stimulant Free Pre-workouts
  3. Thermogenic Pre Workouts (Fat Burners)


What Benefits Should the Best Pre-Workout For Women Have?

A Pre-workout formula is essential for any women who wants to have achieve their fitness goals. Good pre-workout supplements should do the following:

  • Improve your body’s performance
  • Increase your strength
  • Lengthen your endurance
  • Reduce muscle breakdown during training
  • Improve synthesis of protein
  • Increase your energy
  • Optimize the delivery and assimilation of nutrients
  • Speed up your metabolic rate

Things to do in order to get a good workout

In order to get the maximum pump while using these types of supplements, it is important to do several things:

  1. Make sure that you are doing is hydrating yourself. Not only should you be drinking water throughout the day, but your body should at least be consuming 2-3 cups of water during a few hours right before you workout.
  2. Consume enough carbohydrates. Consuming a huge amount of cars will allow your muscles to be filled with glycogen. Glycogen is an excellent source of energy that will increase your workout. Glycogen also critical in making your muscles look bigger.
  3. Squeeze your muscles every time you do a rep so that you are maximizes the benefits of your workout. Your pump will improve considerably by doing this simple step.
  4. Include Supersets in Your Workouts. For individuals who are unsure what a superset is, a superset is when you do 2 or more exercises back-to-back without any rest period. Doing supersets will increase your blood flow, thus improving your pump and workout effectiveness.
  5. Shorten the time you rest between sets. For people who want to have a good pump, you need to keep the blood flow consistently strong. When shortening your rest periods, blood flow will remain at higher levels and give you a better overall pump during your workout.




Black Female Bodybuilders

Notable Black Female Bodybuilders

Vickie Gates

Vickie Gates began her body building passion when she was attending Oklahoma State University.  The first success she tasted was in he first competition in Tulsa in 1983, which she won. This was not to be her only win during her amateur career. She fought and worked her way up and won her right for her professional card in 1993. She accomplished this by winning the middleweight class at the NPC Nationals.

Her success carried on into he professional level in which she won three consecutive Ms. International titles from 1999-2001. During those same years she finished 2nd place at the Ms. Olympia 3 times. She had a lengthy career which lasted until 2003. Vickie was rewarded for her success, dedication and hard work when she was inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame in 2010.


Yolanda Huges-Heying

Yolanda proved at a very young age that she had quite the competitive side. By her senior year in high school she had competed both at local and state level track achieving a variety of titles. She developed a keen sense of well being and determination by mastering gymnastics.


Her introduction into Bodybuilding came from a wrestler named Hillbillie Jim. He convinced her to give it a try and she immediately found success. With just a few weeks of training she competed and placed 2nd.  She achieved great status through local competition that it propelled her to the right to compete on a national level. Due to her work ethic and desire to be the best she was able to compete at the USA Nationals in which she placed 2nd. During her pro years Yolanda placed 1st in the Ms. International competition and was featured in Muscle and fitness, flex and many others.


Womens Body Building


Carla Dunlap

Carla was another young competitor, she began competing in gymnastics at the age of ten. She carried that competitive edge into swimming where she won a gold medal on the junior national team and a bronze medal at the inaugural national sports festival.

Dunlap had a very extensive and fruitful body building career that began in 1979 with the suggestion of Steve Wennerstrom. Having never trained before she still placed 5th among 45 competitors. Having caught the bodybuilding fever she went on to win the NPC Nationals in 1981 and 1982. In 1983 she one three pro shows including Ms. Olympia. Carla also is the only female to compete in the 1970s, 1980s and the 1990s. In 1999 she was inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame.

Laura Creavalle

Laura stumbled upon women’s body building when she was visiting Jamaica in 1982. What struck the fire in her was not the winner but the competitor that took third place, simply because she had a similar body shape. Six months later she entered the Novice Ontario Championship and won the lightweight title.

When she relocated to California she began to take her craft more serious and won the NPC USA Championships. In 1988 she earned her pro card by winning the heavyweight class at the IFBB world amateur championships in Puerto Rico. She would go on and compete in the Ms, Olympia contest 13 times. She was the runner up twice at the Ms. Olympia and won three Ms. International titles.

Other Notable Names
Yvetts Bova, Monique Jones, Iris Kyle, Nancy Lewis and Lenda Murray.

Black Women Body Builder

For those women who wish to advance in the world of body building we would highly recommend studying the greats that came before.

A Motivational Video From Chestbrah

Chestbrah Changed His Life By Changing His Body

Using Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, Chestbrah has grabbed the aesthetic bodybuilding community by storm with his impressive arm size, chiseled jawline, bulking calves, ripped abs, and his bad boy tattoos.

However this lifestyle has come at a cost. Despite Zyzz’s great genetics, age, and overall fitness, Zyzz passed away, reputably by steroid use as well as taking other supplements that he wasn’t cycling properly. The Simply Shredded Aesthetics crew has now lost one of its most iconic members. Despite this, Chestbrah shows his determination through his continual progress.

There is talk that he will be releasing his own supplement line very soon.

Get Ripped Like Lazar Angelov

Aesthetics Crew Member Lazar Angelov VS. Ulisses Jr

Lazar Angelov is a 28 year old aesthetics bodybuilder super star. At 5’11” and 200 lbs, this former basketball player became one of the most talked about bodybuilders in the world through his extreme workouts. Both Lazar and Chestbrah continue to prove their fitness by showing off their physique on tours across the world.

Chestbrah’s Fan Base

Chestbrah’s Huge Fan Following

Chestbrah and his aesthetics crew are becoming astonishingly popular with the younger generation. The crew, including his brother (who recently passed away) Zyzz, don’t compete in official competitions but have built a huge following through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.